Only quality products

The ingredients

The pizza for Margherita is research and innovation. Its basic recipe is the result of a long period of testing, mixtures, carefully balanced doses, made to find a mixture that ensures maximum digestibility and fragrance. A journey undertaken together with a master pizza maker. After several months of testing we have come to define a mixture with three different flours, with 48 hours of natural leavening. This, combined with the high quality of products, allows the pizza to enhance the taste of the flour and other ingredients. In addition to the classic pizza, there’s the “Gourmet” or the stuffed pizza, focaccia and more.

Double dough ...

The Flours

Our pizza is available with two different doughs: the classic white, obtained by blending three different flours and the wholewheat dough, high in fiber and nutrients. The pizza is extremely digestible, unsalted and with smooth texture of medium height: somewhere between the Roman thin pizza and the Neapolitan high one. The pizza dough with wholewheat has fewer calories and a lower glycemic index. It has an intense and natural taste and is available in all varieties of condiments. A choice that adds a healthy twist to your diet without sacrificing taste. The process of leavening and dough maturation is synchronized and lasts about 48 hours, given that the flours we use need this time to produce the best final result.


Extra-virgin olive oil

For seasoning we use only extra virgin olive oil of Italian production Italian with low acidity (also available for sale in our restaurants). Even in this, tradition is the key ingredient of the quality product.



The toppings available are the classic Italian with some variations, both red (with tomato sauce) and white (without). The tradition of the production process of our tomato comes in all its phases. They are made starting from the selection of the best tomatoes until its arrival on our tables.