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Forget the small and crowded pizzerias: Margherita is large, comfortable and with a large parking lot in front of the restaurant. For lunch or dinner, inside or outside it is a different experience from the usual because the large structure was designed especially for Margherita and the menu is suitable for all situations.

We therefore welcome families, more or less numerous groups of friends, couples seeking comfort and why not, even singles who can take advantage of the wi-fi or enjoy Sky television programming.

At lunch we offer a buffet, in addition to the normal order from the menu which starts from the first dishes of pasta, then the tasty meat dishes preceded by appetizers such as fresh mozzarella and prosciutto or the most delicious like the spinach flan with parmesan fondue.

Above all there is the wholewheat pizza dough to add a healthy twist to your diet or with white flour dough. In all cases the pizza is extremely light and digestible due to the first quality dough and the natural 48 hours leavening, that is no small matter.

Margherita pays attention to the needs of the children: high chairs, and are always available and the “kidskit” gift, (crayons + placemats to color while waiting for the meal), but also to mums and dads who sometimes would like to rest a little. Saturdays and Sundays at lunch the Margherita Children’s area is open: an equipped space inside the restaurant where, while parents dine in peace, the children can play under the supervision and organization of dedicated staff. One way to be together on days off, even at a short distance…

Where the family can stay together ...

Children's Space

Chidren 3-9 years old

Margherita cares about the happiness of children and are, in fact, inspired by the “Montessori Method”. We have created special spaces to suit them. You can find personnel who will take care of the safety and enjoyment of your children. The purpose of the Margherita entertainment of children is to stimulate creativity in a world where everything is at hand, from the chairs to sit, the small indoor park with a slide path between colored balls, soft carpets and rubber protectors. Margherita Children is a colorful and safe place where the ceilings are made of clouds and walls of superheroes. Basically everything that every child should have.