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Easy to reach and with great ease of parking, Margherita Via Praga has the right size to make everyone agree: we have spaces for larger groups, families and couples that can choose to sit in three distinct areas –  terrace/outdoor garden, porch and inside the main hall – all with the right space for each table.

The structure, characterized by wooden beams, has been specially designed and is bright during the day and airy in the evening; outside, plants and palm trees in the garden welcome the guests.

From the kitchens, open for lunch and dinner, comes Margherita’s gastronomic offer that is unmistakable and greatly appreciated: traditional Italian dishes, sometimes with some variation on the theme made with quality ingredients that can bring out the flavors and smells.

The starters are classic and present some nice touches: the eggplant parmigiana or spinach flan with melted Parmesan find space next to the buffalo mozzarella with Parma ham and fried dished that together with bruschettas can never fail before the pizza.

Among the first courses the choice is between traditionalists and innovators: cheese and black pepper or mouth-watering artichoke ravioli with crispy bacon? So simple but unusual combinations that always taste delicious (try the ravioli with tomatoes and sauteed vegetables in addition to the classic carbonara).

As for the second course the options range from the entrecôte beef tagliata but also the tenderloin or 250 gr. burger among many other proposals all light and delicious dishes. For those who want lightness and taste the salads are fresh and nutritious.

The Margherita pizza is famous for its light, fragrant and digestible dough and with the mixture of white flour and the wholewheat that is rich in fiber and nutrients, which is a healthy choice and tasty. The secret lies in the natural yeast dough that rises for 48 hours straight …

Margherita takes care of the little ones: here you will always find high chairs and the “kidskit” as a gift for to color the placemats at table. But even if mom and dad want a little more tranquility, they can choose the Margherita Children’s area where their children are looked after by special personnel to play in a room dedicated only to them. A nice way to stay close, but each with their own spaces.

Where the family can stay together ...

Children's Space

Chidren 3-9 years old

Margherita cares about the happiness of children and are, in fact, inspired by the “Montessori Method”. We have created special spaces to suit them. You can find personnel who will take care of the safety and enjoyment of your children. The purpose of the Margherita entertainment of children is to stimulate creativity in a world where everything is at hand, from the chairs to sit, the small indoor park with a slide path between colored balls, soft carpets and rubber protectors. Margherita Children is a colorful and safe place where the ceilings are made of clouds and walls of superheroes. Basically everything that every child should have.