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Piazza Navona





Via delle Coppelle, 31, Roma




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Different from the usual tourist traps of the historic center of Rome, Margherita in Via delle Coppelle is a innovative venue in design, not noisy because it is collected, with the availability of tables outside in summer, and in winter.

It is located at the corner of Via della Scrofa, a stone’s throw from Piazza Navona, the Pantheon and the main monuments of the historic center.

The menu is varied: The first course we present the traditional ones such as pasta amatriciana or carbonara, ravioli with ricotta and spinach and more. Following the first course are dishes made with beef or chicken (try the ​​chicken leg tagliata with herbs), with  always first choice cuts and condiments. To complete the choice appetizers with buffalo mozzarella or fried dishes, vegetables and salads for those who want to stay light.

Margherita is best known for its pizza, renowned for the variety of toppings and the  always light and extremely digestible dough, thanks to selected flours and especially the long 48 hours leavening. In addition to the white flour dough, we have the wholewheat, high in fiber and nutrients, becoming a healthy choice without sacrificing the taste (try the “gourmet” with salmon, provolone, mozzarella and rocket).

All ingredients are selected for their quality and authenticity, such as mozzarella that comes from the best buffalo herds or extra virgin olive oil that comes from Sabina, a historic area of ​​oil production, a now protected name brand for it’s quality.

Ideal for lunch and dinner for those in the historic center of Rome, it also is the right reference point for the real American Breakfast available in 6 variants to enjoy.

Margherita pays attention to the needs of the children: high chairs, and are always available and the “kidskit” gift, with crayons and placemats to color while sitting at the table with mum and dad.